Rohl's Poultry & More
City: Boaz, AL,
Phone: 256-962-4340
About Us
My husband and I started this journey in 2021. We came out here to homestead because we wanted to make sure that we are able to provide ourselves with healthy food. Clean food that is free of antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, GMOs, soy, etc. So we started with independence and freedom in mind. Freedom to create our own food, freedom from government intrusion to the extent possible, and we realized there are a lot of like-minded people that don't have the land or other resources available but they want the same things we do. So we decided we were going to expand what we have so that we can help other people help themselves. Symbiotic. The more we take care of ourselves and each other and uncouple from the system the more freedom we have. Now, that does not mean we are free from our responsibilities or free from the work, freedom comes with a lot of responsibilities and a lot more work. We have a responsibility to take care of anyone that buys our product and make sure that we are giving them something clean and healthy as we advertise, we have a huge responsibility to take care of our animals and make sure they are healthy and happy and free from pests and disease, safe from predators. It's worth it because we have delicious farm fresh eggs, clean meat from chickens and ducks we will be expanding to quail and eventually bunnies and pigs and we're just going to keep going every year getting bigger and better and providing the public and our friends and family with healthy food that they can trust.
We currently offer farm fresh Rainbow eggs, non GMO, no soy, antibiotics, or hormones