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Heirbloom Flower Farm
City: Calera, AL,
Phone: 205-401-8663
About Us
Hey! I am Leslie Marzella the owner of Heirbloom Flower Farm. We are a small farm in Calera, Alabama specializing in sustainably grown fresh cut flowers. My goal is to be a part of the movement of bringing flower farming back to America instead of the industry's standard imports. Locally grown flowers are long-lasting, high quality, and unique.

This coming season we will be offering premium wrapped market bouquets from April to October. We recommend bringing a cup or vase of water with you at pickup to drop your flowers into in order to ensure freshness.

We will also have organically grown veggie, herb and flower seedlings to start your garden. Most are heirloom varieties with a few exceptions. These will be available now- April or until sold out.

Our farm has BIG dreams, and I hope that you will be a part of our story!
Grown using organic practices but not certified.