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Earnest Roots Farm
Address: 240 Angel Way Ashville, AL, 35953
Phone: 256-504-5557
About Us
Hello, we're the Morrison's and we run Earnest Roots Farm. We started getting serious about this way of life in 2017, when our first baby was born. We had tons of questions like "Where does our food come from? Who produces our food? How is our food produced? Why are chemicals used to make it grow? What impact does it have on our health? What impact does it have on our environment? How are the animals raised? What are the animals fed? What are GMO’s? What does all those food labels even mean?" These are questions that most of the population cannot answer. We have decided to be part of a movement that connects the farmer back to the consumer. “Know your Farmer, Know your Food” - this simple phrase has never been more achievable. Earnest Roots Farm would like to be your farmer and invite you to join us on this journey and bring light to some of these questions and many more. We strive to produce the healthiest, most nutrient dense and flavorful food we can with quality in mind – not quantity.

We sincerely thank you for your support. Every time you choose to shop locally, you encourage that farmer to do what they do and you provide them with the assets they need to continue to grow and provide more and more varieties of products.
Grass Fed Beef & Lamb, Regenerative & Sustainable agriculture, Non GMO Verified Feed, Soy & Corn free options, Organically fed options.