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Salt Artisan Bakery
City: Sterrett, AL,
About Us
Hey, I’m Amy and the baker behind Salt Artisan Bakery. My family has enjoyed the benefits of my love for baking every day and I’m so excited to share this microbakery with you! As a homeschool mom, I wake and bake in the early hours before school and with nursing as my background it helped me discover the health benefits of sourdough. I had to kiss gluten, sugar, dairy, commercial yeast, soy, red meat, vinegar, oils and food freedom goodbye. So as you can imagine, my food frustration was growing until God opened my eyes to sourdough, or more commonly known at our house as miracle bread! After lots of research and several loaves, I found that I could enjoy long fermented sourdough made without yeast, dairy and sugar without any complications and it taste great, unlike most gluten free breads! I started baking it for some other gut troubled friends and they could tolerate it as well! I wondered if there were more people like me, so I offered a couple loaves on Facebook and before I knew it, here we are. Now I do understand some of you lucky dogs can eat whatever you want without complications, so some of the bakery items will include those little treasures. But I want to eat too, so I will work hard to create recipes without the use of commercial yeast, refined sugar and dairy. I am called to be salt, so salty I shall be and I will spread it wherever I go. When my breads, bagels, cookies, and all the goodies come in your home, they are already prayed over and I hope you enjoy them greatly!
I love to bake sourdough breads with few and simple ingredients and long fermented for better digestion. All flours are non-GMO and breads baked without commercial yeast and several are without dairy or refined sugars.