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The Smith family asks this question:

Do you like your soap?

When our favorite soap became hard to find in stores several years ago, we started trying other soaps. We were looking for a soap that would clean without over-drying our skin and without leaving an oily residue.

We couldn’t find one.

So, we decided to produce one ourselves! With the help of area soapmaker Amber Carter, we are able to offer you just that: a soap that cleans without over-drying the skin and without leaving an oily residue.

Pure Olive Oil Soap is an all-natural hand, face and body bar made from pure olive oil and natural glycerin. It’s basically unscented, so it just smells clean, and it leaves skin clean and moisturized without oily residue.

This is now our family’s bath bar, hand soap, and facial bar. I personally like it better than any other soap I’ve ever used, including that favorite soap of ours from several years ago