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Whispering Homestead
Address: 1671 County Road 392 Crossville, AL, 35962
Phone: 256-208-5137
About Us
Hello and Welcome to Whispering Homestead! We are the Eberly’s, a family of 10 living on 22 acres on Sand Mountain, Northeast Al. Our goal here is to provide clean and nutrient rich food such as veggies, eggs, baked goods, soaps, herbal salves and soon meat. We have both grown up raising our own food. And as we ecountered various health crisis and also a medically frail child with a condition that required a specific diet led us to begin questioning ingredients on labels that we had no idea what were and some couldn’t even pronounce. As we began researching what these ingredientswere we started looking into ways to make these same items with healthier, simpler, less or unprocessed ingredients. And because we both always loved gardening we began switching to better, cleaner fertilizers. Then we discovered wood chip and deep mulch gardening and we were impressed at the quality and flavor of vegetables raised in woodchips and compost. And using rotational methods of raising vegetables and chickens. We moved to Alabama from the Schuylkill mountains of PA with a long time dream of being able to have a longer growing season in a year to become more self sustainable and a few more acres than we had.
We believe in farming without chemicals, pesticides or herbicides. Instead using deep mulch such as wood chips or straw and compost to naturally provide nutrients and moisture to plants. We only use naturally occurring organic materials such as lime, egg shells, ashes, animal manure, fish meal for fertilizing. We believe in using rich compost that we make from garden, yard and animal waste. Our chickens graze on luscious rich pastures and are fed a Non-Gmo ,corn free, soy free diet with lots of veggie scraps and fresh water which leads to an egg rich in omega 3 and a rich bright yellow yolk.

We believe what goes on our skin is just as important as what goes in our bodies. All our skin products such as shampoo bars, herbal salves, lotions are made with health and nutrition in mind. Using only the cleanest ingredients possible. We believe herbs are for our healing and can be very effective in most common day to day rashes, scrapes, colds etc. Our shampoo bars are designed to be cleansing, and rejuvenating. We only use clays or herbs for coloring and scents are carefully chosen to be free of chemicals or chemical processes.

We began making our own shampoo bars when all store bought shampoos and lotions would leave us feeling itchy and dry after use. Our baked goods are created to be healthy wholesome versions of our favorite traditional baked goods we loved as children. Each batch of bread and cookies or bars are made with freshly ground Non-gmo wheat berries and we add a little organic unbleached bread or all purpose flour. We also only use honey, maple syrup or raw evaporated cane juice sugar and our own pasture raised eggs. Also sugar has been highly reduced to increase the flavor of the other ingredients. We are also starting a line of sprouted spelt baked goods. Sprouting the grain before grinding increases the vitamins and enzymes are created that aid in digestion. We have sprouted spelt bread and sprouted spelt granola at this point. We are looking to add cookies as well. Also looking to add diabetic, sugar free and gluten free options as well in the near future.

Thanks so much for shopping with us.