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City: Hoover, AL,
Phone: 205-447-3190
About Us
Meet Eric and Iveta Champion, HEYDAY GREENS growers. Our microgreen urban farm is located in Bluff Park, in the heart of Hoover, Alabama. Making choices to eat healthy, nutritionally dense food has become a conscious decision as we pursue active lifestyles. Importance of quality, fresh food has proven itself by keeping our bodies healthy, immune system strong, our weight in balance and us full of energy to live life to the fullest.

When Iveta came across microgreens and started growing them for our own use, we quickly saw that microgreens are a superfood. Not only are they loaded with vitamins and nutrients, but they also can be grown sustainably. And a bonus: they do not require cooking, just eat them fresh for the most nutrition!

Our microgreens are grown to order, allowing you to eat the freshest produce available that contains the maximum nutrition. Your future is shaped by what you do today, MAKE IT A HEYDAY: give these microgreens a try for 4 weeks and let us know the difference in how you feel.
Our organic microgreens are grown by using high quality organic seeds, organic soil and water. They are grown in an indoor environment without any pesticides or herbicides. Food just like it is intended to be. We take cleanliness seriously and sanitize our growing trays after each harvest.