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Whiskey Run Dairy
City: Billingsley, AL,
About Us
A little about me and Whiskey Run Dairy. I grew up in PA on a Dairy farm where we milked Holstein cows. At age 18 after high school I enlisted in the US Air Force. I served for 30 years and retired at the rank of Chief Master Sergeant the highest enlisted rank. I then worked as a Government contractor for Lockheed Martin for 12 years working mostly in Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa on the drone program.

My wife Elaine and I purchased the farm here in Billingsley Alabama in August of 2018. We have two daughters Barbara and Myriah and 7 granddaughters and one grandson. Our farm to us was about family and our love for animals and our piece of soil. God created us to be stewards of the land. I wanted our family to see what the land provided if taken care of.

Farming is a great way of life and after serving our country for 40 plus years I wanted our farm to serve the community. We purchased 43 acres that had a small farm house and an old barn. In July of 2019 someone dropped off a momma and 5 puppies at the far end of our property. We kept the mom and one of the puppies and named him Whiskey. Since Whiskey was a Plott hound and ran so fast we named the farm Whiskey Run Dairy.

We built every barn, shed and pole barn our selves with lots of help from family and friends. We have a six cow milk parlor that is perfect for our small farm. We currently have 18 cows which includes our calves and heifers. At the moment we have 8 cows in milk six registered Jerseys and two commercial Holsteins.
Our cows are on pasture 365 days and fed hay grown and fertilized with the fertilizer they generate. We also feed a diet of corn, wheat, soybeans and cotton seed mixed with molasses. This feed is purchased from Casey’s feed in Hope Hull.

We love our cows and ensure they have fresh water and the free stall barn is bedded every two days with fresh sawdust. The barn is cleaned daily and manure scraped out and piled up until it is put in the manure spreader to be put on our hay fields.

Our milk parlor is washed down after each milking and we milk twice daily at 5am and 5pm. Quality milk comes from clean and happy cows who are afforded a comfortable life.

Currently our milk is provided by Debbie, Lainey, Fawn, Buttercup, Penny, Molley, Susie and Ren.

We believe that everyone should be afforded the opportunity to have a quality healthy product and here at Whiskey Run Dairy this is our passion.