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Mathis Mini Farm
City: Chilton County, AL,
About Us
The Mathis Mini Farm is a small, natural farm in Chilton County, Alabama owned and operated by a Homewood, Alabama family. Our mission is to produce high quality, nutrient dense food while maintaining a sustainable and economical work-life balance. We began our farm a few years ago and now have 3 working acres that include no-till, deep compost beds.

In the summer you can find us at the West Homewood Farmer's Market selling our fresh picked vegetables, fruits, and flowers to our neighbors. Our family loves hiking, wildlife, and spending time outdoors together, so when we farm, we strive to embrace organic and sustainable methods. We want to nourish the soil we are working, instead of simply taking from the land. We love growing nutrient dense, pesticide free food to nourish our family and community.
We farm organically, sustainably, and never use pesticides.
*We are not certified organic.